I’m happy of having still some Polaroid cameras. A image, a Image 2 (unfortunately broken) and SX70 Alpha 1 Model 2. Meanwhile the imitation leather of the SX70 dismembered itself but I managed it to remove it completely and I plan to replace it with real leather pieces. Anyhow, that doesn’t affect the function which is still flawless. Recently I got the film from Impossible I ordered there. A PX 100 for the SX70 and a PZ 680 for the Image. With this one I took the picture of the bouquet which my wife made by hand with lots of love:

The PZ 680 in the Image

Aelds Blumenstrauss mit PZ 680

And the PX 100 in the SX70

Aeld Blumenstrauss mit PX 100

Unfortunately not just a inexpensive pleasure. But the answer to the question if Polaroid has still a opportunity in the digital age is a clear: YES! Every Polaroid is unique. And so I think it has definitely a right to exist besides the classic analogue and the new digital photography.Therefore a sincere thank you Impossible and your project, which became “possible” at last!



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