Classic aircraft convention at the Hahnweide, 04-06.08.2013

Every two years at the Hahnweide in Kirchheim Teck is a great airshow, the “Oldtimer Fliegertreffen” – classic aircraft convention. It is about two and a half kilometers far from home. The weather was nice. So there was no reason not to go there.

Auf dem Weg zur Hahnweide

On the way to the Hahnweide

Das Gelände des Fliegertreffens 2013

The site of the airshow 2013

Even if it doesn’t look so, we had only some rain in the evening.

On Sunday my father was also there. He wanted to have a short flight with the Antonov. Only to places at the co-pilots seat were left. Without hesitation we paid the Euros. My flight was at 5 PM, my dad’s one hour later. This was the aircraft:

Sie Antonov AN-2

The Antonov AN-2

The cockpit:

Das Cockpit der AN-2

The cockpit of the AN-2

Vorbeiflug an der Burg Teck

Castle Teck

Very special thanks to Paul Hoffman, who has flown the machine sovereign ( I hope you do not mind that I post the photos)

Pilot und  Chef: Paul Hoffmann

Pilot and Chef: Paul Hoffmann


Ausblick aus der AN-2

Look out the AN-2

There are unforgettable moments in life and that was certainly one of them.

All photos above are analogous , Minox 35 GL and Kodak Gold ISO 200 Scans are from the lab.”>Much more ( digital ) photos from the event are available in the gallery:

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