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Jurney to home

November 2012, it’s time again, my journey goes home in the far distance. Back home? Hmmm… I think, I have to call it that. I, no: we have there our home, the family of my wife which also my family now and… of course Juni, our grandchild.

Good bye Deutschland Bier in Frankfurt

Good bye Deutschland Bier in Frankfurt

The mandatory good-by-Germany beer. With almost 5 Euro as expensive as at the Oktoberfest in Munich but for me it’s worth that.

Autum colours

October 21st, 2012, wonderful late summer weather, temperature 20°C. I grabed my camera and had a walk to the “Bürgerseen” nearby. Right now, exactly one week later the first snow falls. What a contradiction.

…is not allowed

It seems, that in Germany nearly everything is forbidden. Although, if this Sign doesn’t tell what exactly any more…

Ist verboten

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