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Goodbye Juni

June is over and short Juni back home in Thailand again. Home? Where is that now. I already don’t know it myself. Anyhow, the short one didn’t want to go back any more. So again some Photos.

Juni on the road

Juni on the road

Juni and the Bokeh Monster

No, the “Bokeh Monster” doesn’t have any relationship with the flying spaghetti monster. It is a vintage Pentacon 1:2,8 135mm lens in the 15 iris blade and preset aperture  version. More about that at the bottom of the page.

After a never ending time with too much rain in May it was fine weather at last. Let’s go outside!

Juni spielt

Juni plays

Juni is here

No not the month June (in German “Juni”) but Juni, our little grandchild.

After the usual authorities madness, we managed that she can come to Germany for two and a half months. After Juni’s mother – or my wife’s daughter – is busy with her studies, the short one is in good hands with us .

Speculation, what she may do later times professionally are expressly allowed! Here at “work ” on my old Commodore Amiga.

Juni @Work

Juni @Work

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