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Full moon again

Once again it is full moon. Short time after the rise…

Vollmond in Lindorf

Vollmond in Lindorf

Actually I wanted to make a HDR. But the moon moves too fast behind the background. Or the foreground in front of the moon? Doesn’t matter, will try again in one month.

Full moon

…or at least almost. According to the calendar this should be the day after tomorrow. Although the entire day was fairly overcast there was a short time to see the (almost) full moon. 10 minutes later it was hidden behind the clouds again.

Vollmond am 26.12.2012

Full moon, 26.12.2012

The result of s series with five photos, EOS600D, ISO 100, F11, 2 – 1/200s, 300mm, combined with Luminance HDR.

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