Once again found at a flea market. A Bellows for M42. At the bottom stuck a Revueflex AKA Praktica MTL 5B and at the front a Pentacon f1,8/50mm.


Halogen Bulb

Here the setup



From left to right: Canon EOS 600D, Adapter EOS EF to M42, REVUE (most likely by Pentacon/Praktica) bellows on Manfrotto ball head and Hama tripoid, Pentacon 1,8/50mm, Step-Up adapter 49 to 52mm, Nikon SR-2 ringlight on a LD-1 inverter, light bulb.


Halogen lightbulb

A 220V halogen lightbulb with 150W. On the right the pump port. A beautiful coiled-coil filament.

EPROM 27C512

EPROM 27C512

An EProm, 27C512, photographed through the quartz window.

CCD Sensor

CCD Sensor

CCD sensor of a webcam. in the original photo you can even recognize the pixel structure…

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