Plochingen – Neckar port – 6×6

These times im not so in the mood for taking photos. So my archive has to serve. In this case this are some 6×6 negative films I took about 15 years ago with my Bronica S2. Meanwhile I digitized and them and did some digital work. Although it was a color negative film I decided a conversion to black and white.

Silo - Neckarhafen Plochingen

Silo – Neckar port Plochingen

Neckar, Neckarhafen Plochingen

Neckar, Neckarhafen Plochingen

Kran, Neckarhafen Plochingen

Crane, Neckar port Plochingen

Tanks, Neckar port Plochingen

Tanks, Neckar port Plochingen

Container, Neckarhafen Plochingen

Container, Neckar port Plochingen

I just took maybe four or five films. The problem was  just the postprocessing, which is was impossible without a photo lab. I think a big advantage of the 6×6 format ist that it has a lot of space for trimming, transformation, etc. and thanks to the digital technology this is no longer a problem. I guess, I’ll take the one or other photo with the Bronica again…

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