Marktkauf revisited – Black and white again

I did it again. BW400CN and the Minox. The old abandoned Marktkauf more than five years later.

Verlassener Marktkauf

Abandoned Marktkauf, Signs

The abandoned Marktkauf. Some signs are still there.

Verlassener Marktkauf

Abandoned Marktkauf, danger of collapse!

Verlassener Marktkauf

Abandoned Marktkauf, graffiti

Verlassener Marktkauf

Abandoned Marktkauf, Don’t put down anything here!

No, I don’t think anybody will put down anything here anymore.

Altes Haus am alten Marktkauf

Old house at the old Marktkauf – through the window through the door

An abandoned house near the abandoned Marktkauf, View through a window through a door.

Schaukästen in Esslingen

Showcases in Esslingen

Old destroyes showcases in a subway in Esslingen. Minox, freehand.

Stuttgarter Fernsehturm

TV tower Stuttgart, framed by the Ruhbank station

Stuttgarter Fernsehturm

TV tower Stuttgart, framed by the Ruhbank station.

This time I digitised the photos by myself. The scanner is – I have to admit not really new – Epson Perfection 1640 SU. Scanned with XSane running on Windows (!) into TIFF. Postprocessed with Raw Therapee. If I continue this way I’m afraid I have to by a new scanner.

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