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FRA(nkfurt) Reflections III

FRA(ankfurt) Refelctions

FRA(ankfurt) Refelctions

A short excursion to the 14th floor of the parking lot at the Frankfurt airport. And somehow a selfie too. Who can find the photographer?

Constructions II

Photos like from a series of “Abandond Places”. But they are just from the middle of the Stuttgart train station which is just rebuild due to the Stuttgart 21 project. Photographed through a hole in the hoarding.

Stuttgart 21, leeres Gleis

Stuttgart 21, leeres Gleis

Black and white, Kodak BW400CN and the Minox 35GL

As I already mentioned in “Lets go Black and White” this wasn’t the last Film I used.

Here I had the Minox also with me.

Blick richtung Bürgerseen Kirchheim Teck

Autumn in black and white

Walk at the Hahnweide. well known for the Oldtimer Fliegertreffen.

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