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Marktkauf revisited – Black and white again

I did it again. BW400CN and the Minox. The old abandoned Marktkauf more than five years later.

Verlassener Marktkauf

Abandoned Marktkauf, Signs

Goodbye Juni

June is over and short Juni back home in Thailand again. Home? Where is that now. I already don’t know it myself. Anyhow, the short one didn’t want to go back any more. So again some Photos.

Juni on the road

Juni on the road

Black and white, Kodak BW400CN and the Minox 35GL

As I already mentioned in “Lets go Black and White” this wasn’t the last Film I used.

Here I had the Minox also with me.

Blick richtung Bürgerseen Kirchheim Teck

Autumn in black and white

Walk at the Hahnweide. well known for the Oldtimer Fliegertreffen.

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