Let’s go black and white

Recently while shopping I noticed by chance the Kodak BW400CN film. I still have a MINOX 35GL, but the battery was exhausted. Since these batteries contain mercury they are no longer available. While searching in the internet I found an alternative. 2 pcs CR 1 /3, but you have to insulate the battery well with a piece of plastic film (20×45 mm) inside the battery tube, otherwise one battery would be short-cutted. But there are also “real” battery adapters available .

My wife “Aeld” in the Stuttgart subway

Auf dem Stuttgarter Flohmarkt

Flea market

Meine Frau Aeld in Stuttgart


Meine Frau Aeld


Spiegelungen in Stuttgart

Reflections in Stuttgart

Akademie der schönen Künste

“Akademie der schönen Künste” (Restaurant called the Academy Of The Fine Arts)

Brücke bei den Bürgerseen

Bridge at the “Bürgersee” near Kirchheim Teck



Zu Hause

@ Home

I already bought two new films. This isn’t the last time I take my Minox for sure. Let’s go black and white!

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