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Bangkok Reflections

Suvarnabhumi Reflections

Suvarnabhumi Reflections

The apron area at the Bangkok airport. Waiting in the bus which took us to the plane to Sukhothai.

Thailand analogue

It was the day of my departure back to Thailand  when I met my Father and Mother for a glass of sparkling wine before I left. So my father left me a Rollei 35SE. Fortunately I had a spare film – a Kodak Gold 200 – for my Minox with me which I later inserted into the Rollei.

Country Road

Country Road

The rural road in Ban Pa Taeo. Daughter and little grandchild approaching , welcomed by our dog “Suea”.

A day in Pa Taeo

My boss em… wife used this glove to repair a basin in our toilet with some cement.



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