Thailand upcountry, school and internet

Supplement to the article 5. December, King’s birthday and Father’s Day. Right next to the school you see something like that:


This fur sure isn’t for TV. This (Broadband-)Internet the only way it works here. And I think that the most schools here in Germany might even don’t have DSL 😛

The only other way to get internet is by mobile (EDGE at last), with this I’m just writing this article. 30 houres for 150 Baht (equals to abut 3,50 Euro). Not really expensive but a speed that makes me yearn for the 56K modem back on. And latency up to 1000 ms and more. Counterstrike wouldn’t work this way 🙁

If I stay a longer time in Thailand I want to have such a thing in my garden too!

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