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Alter Falter – Old folding camera

Recently at a flea market, which is almost every Saturday at the Karlsplatz in Stuttgart, I found this folding camera for a small money.

Nettar 515/2

Nettar 515/2

One flea market, two vintage lenses

Last Saturday was a flea market in Stuttgart one again. The result: Two lenses for 30 EUR. A Pentacon 1,8/50mm multi coating and a Pentacon 1:2,8/135mm, also multicoating. Actually the are from Meyer Görlitz who later changed to the brand Pentacon. All photos are made with the Canon EOS 600D
1. The Pentacon 1,8/50mm

Pentacon 1,8/50mm

Pentacon 1,8/50mm

Black and white, Kodak BW400CN and the Minox 35GL

As I already mentioned in “Lets go Black and White” this wasn’t the last Film I used.

Here I had the Minox also with me.

Blick richtung Bürgerseen Kirchheim Teck

Autumn in black and white

Walk at the Hahnweide. well known for the Oldtimer Fliegertreffen.