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Marktkauf revisited – Black and white again

I did it again. BW400CN and the Minox. The old abandoned Marktkauf more than five years later.

Verlassener Marktkauf

Abandoned Marktkauf, Signs

Castle Teck and evening sunlight

A wonderful day, a nice evening and a Castle Teck in a beautiful light.

Castle Teck in the evening sun

Castle Teck in the evening sun

Yesterday evening, right before sunset. Taken just a few meters near my home, of course with the legendary Russians Ton (MTO 11 CA).

The “Russians Ton”

MTO 11CA . In Germany commonly simply called “Die  Russentonne” which means the “Russians Ton”. A mirror lens. A full meter of focal length. At a 1.6 crop factor (like APS-C has) 1.6 meters equivalent focal length. Focussing this lens is difficult, even with a very steady tripod 🙁 In the viewfinder you can see the shimmer of the air. Mirror lockup and self timer are mandatory. Even on a solid tripod it takes several seconds until the construct becomes stable after the last touch . . .

A good friend has left me this part, not for free, I’ll probably take it off the for the actual market value . The front lens had some mist, the mirror some dust. I dismounted the piece and cleaned it. Needed a good half a pack of glasses towels from a well known German discounter. Just after that I’ve read that you shouldn’t clean the mirror in any case. Too late, but contrary to popular opinions it has taken no damage (up to two, three tiny scratches which do not interfere at all). And according to a pre – after comparison , I find that it is now a tick more crispy and more defined. But definitely not worse as before cleaning!

The castle Teck, photographed from about 8km away, taken a few meters from our house,

Burg Teck

Castle Teck