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Alter Falter – Old folding camera

Recently at a flea market, which is almost every Saturday at the Karlsplatz in Stuttgart, I found this folding camera for a small money.

Nettar 515/2

Nettar 515/2

Juni and the Bokeh Monster

No, the “Bokeh Monster” doesn’t have any relationship with the flying spaghetti monster. It is a vintage Pentacon 1:2,8 135mm lens in the 15 iris blade and preset aperture  version. More about that at the bottom of the page.

After a never ending time with too much rain in May it was fine weather at last. Let’s go outside!

Juni spielt

Juni plays

Winter in Lindorf…

…and a small Test with the Flektogon.

The winter has arrived an I and my wife decided to walk a little around. A good opportunity to try out the repaired Flektogon.

Winter in Lindorf

Winter in Lindorf

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