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One flea market, two vintage lenses

Last Saturday was a flea market in Stuttgart one again. The result: Two lenses for 30 EUR. A Pentacon 1,8/50mm multi coating and a Pentacon 1:2,8/135mm, also multicoating. Actually the are from Meyer Görlitz who later changed to the brand Pentacon. All photos are made with the Canon EOS 600D
1. The Pentacon 1,8/50mm

Pentacon 1,8/50mm

Pentacon 1,8/50mm

New old lens

For some long time it was on my wish list. And occasionally I could shoot one on eBay for a somewhat reasonable price (how much exactly I won’t tell you ). A Carl Zeiss Jena Flektogon 35mm in the F2,4 Multicoated version.

Carl Zeiss Jena 2,4/35mmCarl Zeiss Jena 2,4/35mm

Carl Zeiss Jena 2,4/35mmCarl Zeiss Jena 2,4/35mm

Pancace – or vintage lens, part 2

Yesterday I was on the Saturday flea market in Stuttgart again. I found some “waste glass”. Unfortunately it stuck on some “waste metal”. It is a Industar 3,5/50mm together with a Zenit Revueflex E.

Revueflex E mit Industar 3,5/50mm

Revueflex E with a Industar 3,5/50mm

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